Interesting Coincidence – U.S. Internet Disruption Maps During WikiLeaks Presser…



There was a great deal of anticipatory interest overnight in a press conference held by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.  Numerous alternative media sources hinted at a potentially damaging release of information that might impact the U.S. election.



However, the WikiLeaks presser was schedule for 4:00am East Coast U.S. time, 10:00am in Berlin Germany.  U.S. media were not covering the press release, however it was being streamed live over the internet.  Coincidentally, at the same time the WikiLeaks press conference was taking place, there were widespread internet disruptions amid major U.S. corporate internet service providers:


NBC / Comcast / Xfinity outages in the major population centers on both coasts.






…and Time Warner disruptions were centered in New York City, Los Angeles and the state of North Carolina:




Amazingly at 5:13am EDT (USA) / 11:13am (Berlin) Julian Assange announced there would NOT be a specific release of anything related to Hillary Clinton at this event, and all of a sudden the outage issues cleared right up.


Check out the Outage Difference for NBC/Comcast/Xfinity:


Left 4:20 am EDT – Right 5:15am EDT