Plaintiff statement 455-gh

“Investigators and reporters have suggested, to us, that the attack on our team may have been a contracted political “hit job” because the bigger case, which we were required to testify in a small portion of, has resulted in the following:

Here are some of the things that have happened since 2008:

– A number of the people that worked with the highest levels of Government, that were nay-saying our project, were arrested or indicted for corruption.

– Dozens and dozens and dozens of the highest level federal executives that were nay-saying our project, were forced to resign. Almost every major person in the White House, at the start of the scandal, has resigned.

– The U.S. Government has awarded us multiple patents as the first-to-invent, thus disproving some of the nay-sayers in Washington.

– Three federal corruption lawsuits have been filed against Washington executives who manipulated the system

– GM, Ford, Chrysler and other companies are now using parts of our technology in volume production, thus proving the value of our engineering.

– Most of our competitors, who got the same money we were applying for, went bankrupt after intermediaries skimmed off part of the taxpayer cash.

– Another group of our competitors, who got the same money we were applying for, had to be given to China under “gift terms”. The U.S.is now in Cyber War with China.

– The head of the federal auto agency suddenly quit when presented with documents about our case.

– 60 Minutes has broadcast no less than 5 segments that deal specifically with the scandal that our team endured.

– Over 15,000 news stories have been published, worldwide, about the scandal.

– We projected EXACTLY what EVERY single other company in the world archived in their 5 years, including every single one that who got the same money we were applying for. We were right, they were either wrong or misleading. It is embarrassing, to some politicians, that our little team was right and the people who spent billions were so wrong.

– Two of the largest safety scandals in history have emerged: The GM crash scandal with potentially billions in losses and the 16 million vehicle multi-car company airbag recall. Both were for deaths caused by their vehicle systems. Our technology specified that those other car systems were potentially lethal and solved those problems in advance. Our technology has, again, been vindicated.

– Tesla and Fisker have had disastrous vehicle fires from the use of non-automotive energy storage systems without adequate safety protection. Tesla has been forced to give it’s patents away because they describe these very dangers within the text of their patents. Our technology prevents such incidents.

– Federal and private investigators have uncovered moles, or planted staff, that were placed in our company, by competitors, in order to damage the project.

– Federal and private investigators have uncovered attack bloggers, or planted media shills, that were placed on the web, by competitors, in order to damage the project.

– At least 6 parties (with more expected to be uncovered) who were in charge of reviewing our federal application, owned stock in our competitors companies, who “won” the money.

– Some of our staff have now been required to testify in federal investigations. Some of our team have now been in communication with every major state and federal law enforcement agency in America.

– In one of the DOE rejections, the list of “reasons for rejection” has now been proven by investigation, and historical facts, to have been totally falsified by DOE officials. Every company who didn’t do what we had proposed, went bankrupt, or failed to find buyers.

– Snowden happened and proved that evidence of corrupt activities, by federal officials, has been archived more deeply than anyone suspected.

– We helped get some new laws passed that make it harder for this kind of scandal to ever happen again.

– Multiple federal and private investigations are still underway but preliminary results appear to show that the DOE funding program was compromised by corruption. The formal federal reports by the GAO and he U.S. Senate state this as fact.

– Dozens of federal investigations have reached the public eye, including the Lois Lerner IRS case, demonstrating that federal officials DO put “hits” on competing companies and interests.

– Films and books, by third parties, about the scandal are under-way which disclose additional mis-deeds

That is only a small part of the update. While the justice system is slow, somewhat broken and, at times compromised…it does eventually seem to work.”