They used taxpayer money to pay to put lipstick on a pig.

They used taxpayer money to pay to put lipstick on a pig.
pigsThe deep-south farm story goes: “…So you have an old sick pig, it’s about to die, but you are a crook so you get some lipstick and put it on the pig so you can sell it to a guy in the dark on the way home from the bar”.

Fisker, Tesla, Solyndra, and A123 did that.

They had companies with bad staff and bad products. They were sick and already dying. Their own executives are on record saying they were about to go bankrupt. The federal investigators are now saying that forensic study of their true historical data shows they were failed companies.

Experts had already analyzed their technology as failed, likely to combust and/or too costly, but that news never got figured in, or it was and DOE didn’t care because it was about new campaign funds and not new technology.

So the companies made a deal with DOE staff to give them the money for a little while so they could hang it, like a curtain, in front of the sickness so the public, the media and the stock market wouldn’t know how bad things were. In exchange, the
companies paid for political campaigns, partially with that very money.

They kept the companies (pigs) alive as long as possible while they pocketed the synthetically produced stock market profits caused by using the kickback money to artificially inflate the appearance of the companies in the stock market using the money they got from making these criminal crony deals.

The solar gadgets and the electric whiz-mobiles and the wind towers are irrelevant. Technology had nothing to do with it except to be the buzzwords of the moment that the sleazeballs could mesmerize the stock market with. It was all about the
real-estate deals around the buildings and the stock fees and profit slides that they got to grab off the top on the backs of the public taxpayer.

In creating pumped and trumped stock values using paid bloggers Tesla will now run afoul of Judge William Alsup’s “Show-Your-Shills” order. This history-making tactic, once used against Google, will certainly come into play against Tesla in one, or more of the many pending stock fraud lawsuits now filed against Tesla.

New precedents also can make public company stock shills liable for damages to the investors. So, if blogger Kevin Bullis was shown to have been compensated by Tesla for writing enhanced stock reviews, the shareholders of Tesla could come after him as an individual, for their losses.

Why isn’t anybody prosecuting these obvious misdeeds? Because they are being told “NOT TO”, by certain parties, in order to avoid political fireworks! But you can be sure the pyrotechnics are coming. Nobody in DC misses an opportunity like this these days.

Naive observers might think, in some cases, “oh look, the senior staff are still around, they didn’t “pump and dump”. This is a false assumption in every single case. Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, The VC’s, the middle-men and the high-tickets already grabbed their money (your money) and ran. Many of the rest are making
monthly lease profits on the buildings you bought for them. Some of those buildings are owned by the families of the very Congress people that lobbied for the deals in the first place.

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