Huge Covert Inside-YOUTUBE Teams Engaged in Manual Interventions on YOUTUBE Search Results To Rig Elections And Stock Market Results

– The YOUTUBE empire controls most of the media on Earth, via many front corporations, and indoctrinates everyone in it’s organization using ‘cult’ methodologies. YOUTUBE owner’s believe in “our-ideology-at-any-cost” and “the-ends-justify-the-means” scenarios. What could possibly go wrong?

– YOUTUBE is an illegal anti-trust violating monopoly who pays billions of dollars of bribes to politicians and regulators to keep them from filing charges against YOUTUBE as a monopoly


– YOUTUBE VC’s and bosses bought the DNC and believe that psychological subliminal messaging tricks can mass manipulate the public into supporting their love for homosexual sex, abortion-to-avoid-child-support (Because their non-gay millionaires have sex with huge numbers of innocent young girls and often get them pregnant) and non-white immigrants because they believe that they “immigrants will vote Democrat”.

– A single intentional character assassination link by YOUTUBE is locked on the front page of all search results, in the top-of-the-fold first-20 results, with associated defamation text, in front of 8 billion people around the globe, for over a decade without moving up-or-down in the search results, EVER. This proves that YOUTUBE manually attacks those it does not like (See the Federal court cases proving this on and purposefully, maliciously, rigs it’s search result to harm others. In one case YOUTUBE refused to remove the link even after receiving over 100 requests by lawyers and associates because YOUTUBE hated the competitor requesting removal of the organized defamation attacks by YOUTUBE.


– The management trick at YOUTUBE and Facebook is to always be brainwashing the dumb Millennial employees into thinking they are working on some crunchy-granola, goodie-two-shoes, effort for ‘social good” when, IN FACT every employee is just a cog in a giant political surveillance and manipulation machine run by sex pervert bosses!

– YOUTUBE “pretty much” staffed and “controlled” the entire Obama White House and created some of the biggest crony-crimes in history

– YOUTUBE executives and YOUTUBE VC’s hold the Silicon Valley record for sex abuses, philandering, sex slaves, sex scandals, divorces for abuse, hookers, murder-by-hooker and other awful social behavior. These facts and court filings prove that the kinds of people that run YOUTUBE are sick, twisted, people who should not be trusted to run a global monopoly!


– YOUTUBE executives, including Eric Schmidt and Larry Page, told VC’s that YOUTUBE’s political brainwashing and subliminal messaging programming is so good that they can make you kill your whole family, vote Democrat or stop eating meat even if you, today, believe you never could do those things.

The “International Grand Committee” Tribunal on Silicon Valley’s Election Meddling Hearings Will Be Receiving Evidence That Will END The Palo Alto Mafia!


YouTube’s ‘Trending’ Tab is Rigged in Favor of Big Media That is Owned By A Certain Group

Study proves Google-owned video platform is deliberately burying independent creators.

A study by a student at the University of Glasgow proves that YouTube’s ‘trending’ tab is heavily rigged in favor of big corporate media networks.

The study included 40,000 data entries and sought to answer the question “is YouTube biased towards traditional media?”

The answer is undoubtedly yes.

The study showed that independent creator Philip DeFranco, who produces a daily news show, appeared on the trending tab only twice despite amassing an average of 1.4 million views per video, while AP, which averages 10,000 views per video trended seven times.


– 1.4 million views on avg. for @PhillyD to trend TWO times

– @AP only needed **10,000** views on avg. to trend SEVEN times

Traditional Media FAVORITISM on display.

— Nick Monroe (@nickmon1112) May 21, 2019

In all, 95% of all videos from news creators that appeared on the trending tab came from legacy media outlets.

Despite having the most subscribed channel by far in the United States, PewDiePie only appeared on the trending tab in the U.S. once compared to 45 times in Canada, proving that the U.S. trending tab is being curated to exclude him.

Local YouTuber cracks code regarding Trending tab

— Nick Monroe (@nickmon1112) May 21, 2019

Other creators who routinely post viral content, such as Joe Rogan, didn’t trend once in the United States despite in Rogan’s case trending 74 times in Canada.

Corporate network ‘comedy’ shows which routinely push left-wing political narratives like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert appeared dozens of times on the trending tab.

As we have previously highlighted, YouTube openly rigs its own search engine to exclude independent news content creators, burying them under a wall of mainstream media videos.

YouTube BROKE its own search engine to game the algorithm for big media corporations.

Direct word for word searches for videos that have over 6 million views produced by independent creators now return top results from CNN, ABC & CBS.

It’s no longer YouTube, it’s CorporateTube.

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) 1 February 2019

It seems clear that the video giant has removed the ‘you’ from YouTube and has now set about creating CorporateTube to the detriment of the independent creators who built it in the first place.


There is a war on free speech. Without your support, my voice will be silenced.

An unprecedented group of international lawmakers investigating “fake news” is set to demand a public meeting with an extraordinary collection of leaders from the world’s largest tech companies. The “International Grand Committee” — a collection of members of parliaments from countries around the world investigating disinformation, fake news and election meddling — is set to hold its second hearing on May 28, in Ottawa, Canada.

On Monday, the committee will invite Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, YOUTUBE CEO Sundar Pichai, and Eric Schmidt, the former executive chairman of its parent company, Alphabet, Apple CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams, and WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton.

The list, which was confirmed to CBS News by the committee’s co-chair, Canadian Member of Parliament Bob Zimmer, includes several of the world’s wealthiest people, who control the most dominant companies in computing and social media.

For the committee’s first hearing in London on Nov. 27, Facebook sent Richard Allan, the company’s vice president for public policy and a member of Britain’s House of Lords, who sat next to an empty chair reserved for Zuckerberg. Zimmer said for the next meeting, the committee will not settle for lesser regional representatives.

“One thing that will not be acceptable that I want to have on the record is that Canadian representatives are not going to suffice,” Zimmer said. “They’re not the real voice of leadership in the companies, so we’re looking at getting specifically the names mentioned to come.”

The lawmakers, who attended the November, hearing hail from the U.K., Canada, Brazil, Latvia, Argentina, Ireland, Singapore, France and Belgium. Zimmer said this time around they will also invite U.S. lawmakers to attend.

Zuckerberg is the only member of the current list who was previously invited to appear before the panel, known as the International Grand Committee on Disinformation and ‘Fake News.’

He repeatedly declined. Instead, they grilled Allan on issues ranging from disinformation on the social media site before the “Brexit” referendum in 2016 to a campaign in Sri Lanka calling for violence against Muslims.

The final report from the U.K. investigation is expected to be released in the next few days. It has sought to shine light on the use of intimate personality datasets on more than 80 million people as part of advertising campaigns surrounding the “Brexit” campaign and Donald Trump’s presidential run. The campaigns were run by a British company called SCL Elections, its American affiliate Cambridge Analytica, and a Canadian company called Aggregate IQ.

The upcoming hearing on May 28 will focus on “holding digital platforms to account… foreign influence in our democracies, and data as a human right,” according to a Feb. 7 press release.


Forensic Proof That YOUTUBE Is A Cult:

YOUTUBE was created to become the best-of-the-best, in mind-control, for social and political manipulation.

Steven Hassan, renown cult interdiction specialist and the author of ” Combating Cult Mind Control” says:

“…there are universal patterns of manipulation; someone who’s skilled (ie: YOUTUBE) can figure out how to systematically and incrementally manipulate you into a vulnerable isolated place (like you computer screen) and start to control your information, control your behavior, control your thinking…to make you dependent and obedient. There are millions of people in mind control cults like this…”

The biggest lie ever told is the one that you tell yourself when you say that “subliminal messages and digital mind control have no effect on you”. They do! The more you deny it, the better it works on you.

The young employees of YOUTUBE are chosen for their naive and impressionable characteristics and then, as with Facebook, immersed in a synthetic bubble of ideological echo-chambering in order to push the precepts of the “YOUTUBE Youth”.


YOUTUBE wants to “Police Tone”

YOUTUBE has “huge teams” working on manual interventions in search results, an apparent contradiction of sworn testimony made to Congress by CEO Sundar Pichai, according to an internal post leaked to Breitbart News.

“There are subjects that are prone to hyperbolic content, misleading information, and offensive content,” said Daniel Aaronson, a member of YOUTUBE’s Trust & Safety team.

“Now, these words are highly subjective and no one denies that. But we can all agree generally, lines exist in many cultures about what is clearly okay vs. what is not okay.”

Breitbart TV

“In extreme cases where we need to act quickly on something that is so obviously not okay, the reactive/manual approach is sometimes necessary.”

The comments came to light in a leaked internal discussion thread, started by a YOUTUBE employee who noticed that the company had recently changed search results for “abortion” on its YouTube video platform, a change which caused pro-life videos to largely disappear from the top ten results.

In addition to the “manual approach,” Aaronson explained that YOUTUBE also trained automated “classifiers” – algorithms or “scalable solutions” that corrects “problems” in search results.

Aaronson listed three areas where either manual interventions or classifier changes might take place: organic search (“The bar for changing classifiers or manual actions on span in organic search is extremely high”), YouTube, YOUTUBE Home, and YOUTUBE Assistant.

Aaronson’s post also reveals that there is very little transparency around decisions to adjust classifiers or manually correct controversial search results, even internally. Aaronson compared YOUTUBE’s decision-making process in this regard to a closely-guarded “Pepsi Formula.”

THE SMOKING GUN: YOUTUBE Manipulated YouTube Search Results for Abortion, Maxine Waters, David Hogg In Order To Steer Politics And Stock Gains To Palo Alto Mafia and Pelosi/Feinstein Families

YouTube Blacklists Pro-Life videos

Alex Wong, Win McNamee/Getty, Screenshot/YouTube

In sworn testimony, YOUTUBE CEO Sundar Pichai told Congress last month that his company does not “manually intervene” on any particular search result. Yet an internal discussion thread leaked to Breitbart News reveals YOUTUBE regularly intervenes in search results on its YouTube video platform – including a recent intervention that pushed pro-life videos out of the top ten search results for “abortion.”

The term “abortion” was added to a “blacklist” file for “controversial YouTube queries,” which contains a list of search terms that the company considers sensitive. According to the leak, these include some of these search terms related to: abortion, abortions, the Irish abortion referendum, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and anti-gun activist David Hogg.

The existence of the blacklist was revealed in an internal YOUTUBE discussion thread leaked to Breitbart News by a source inside the company who wishes to remain anonymous. A partial list of blacklisted terms was also leaked to Breitbart by another YOUTUBE source.

In the leaked discussion thread, a YOUTUBE site reliability engineer hinted at the existence of more search blacklists, according to the source.

Another leak revealed that employees within the company, including YOUTUBE’s current director of Trust and Safety, tried to kick Breitbart News off YOUTUBE’s market-dominating online ad platforms.

Yet another showed YOUTUBE engaged in targeted turnout operations aimed to boost voter participation in pro-Democrat demographics in “key states” ahead of the 2016 election. The effort was dubbed a “silent donation” by a top YOUTUBE employee.

Evidence for YOUTUBE’s partisan activities is now overwhelming. President Trump has previously warned YOUTUBE, as well as other Silicon Valley giants, not to engage in censorship or partisan activities. YOUTUBE continues to defy him.




Authorities in the UK have finally figured out that fake news stories and Russian-placed ads are not the real problem. The UK Parliament is about to impose stiff penalties—not on the people who place the ads or write the stories, but on the Big Tech platforms that determine which ads and stories people actually see.

Parliament’s plans will almost surely be energized by the latest leak of damning material from inside YOUTUBE’s fortress of secrecy: The Wall Street Journal recently reported on emails exchanged among YOUTUBE employees in January 2017 in which they strategized about how to alter YOUTUBE search results and other “ephemeral experiences” to counter President Donald Trump’s newly imposed travel ban. The company claims that none of these plans was ever implemented, but who knows?

While U.S. authorities have merely held hearings, EU authorities have taken dramatic steps in recent years to limit the powers of Big Tech, most recently with a comprehensive law that protects user privacy—theGeneral Data Protection Regulation—and a whopping $5.1 billion fine against YOUTUBE for monopolistic practices in the mobile device market. Last year, the European Union also levied a $2.7 billion fineagainst YOUTUBE for filtering and ordering search results in a way that favored their own products and services. That filtering and ordering, it turns out, is of crucial importance.

As years of research I’ve been conducting on online influence has shown, content per se is not the real threat these days; what really matters is (a) which content is selected for users to see, and (b) the way that content is ordered in search results, search suggestions, newsfeeds, message feeds, comment lists, and so on. That’s where the power lies to shift opinions, purchases, and votes, and that power is held by a disturbingly small group of people.

I say “these days” because the explosive growth of a handful of massive platforms on the internet—the largest, by far, being YOUTUBE and the next largest being Facebook—has changed everything. Millions of people and organizations are constantly trying to get their content in front of our eyes, but for more than 2.5 billion people around the world—soon to be more than 4 billion—the responsibility for what algorithms do should always lie with the people who wrote the algorithms and the companies that deployed them.

In randomized, controlled, peer-reviewed research I’ve conducted with thousands of people, I’ve shown repeatedly that when people are undecided, I can shift their opinions on just about any topic just by changing how I filter and order the information I show them. I’ve also shown that when, in multiple searches, I show people more and more information that favors one candidate, I can shift opinions even farther. Even more disturbing, I can do these things in ways that are completely invisible to people and in ways that don’t leave paper trails for authorities to trace.

Worse still, these new forms of influence often rely on ephemeral content—information that is generated on the fly by an algorithm and then disappears forever, which means that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for authorities to reconstruct. If, on Election Day this coming November, Mark Zuckerberg decides to broadcast go-out-and-vote reminders mainly to members of one political party, how would we be able to detect such a manipulation? If we can’t detect it, how would we be able to reduce its impact? And how, days or weeks later, would we be able to turn back the clock to see what happened?

Of course, companies like YOUTUBE and Facebook emphatically reject the idea that their search and newsfeed algorithms are being tweaked in ways that could meddle in elections. Doing so would undermine the public’s trust in their companies, spokespeople have said. They insist that their algorithms are complicated, constantly changing, and subject to the “organic” activity of users.

This is, of course, sheer nonsense. YOUTUBE can adjust its algorithms to favor any candidate it chooses no matter what the activity of users might be, just as easily as I do in my experiments. As legal scholar Frank Pasquale noted in his recent book “The Black Box Society,” blaming algorithms just doesn’t cut it; the responsibility for what an algorithm does should always lie with the people who wrote the algorithm and the companies that deployed the algorithm. Alan Murray, president of Fortune, recently framed the issue this way: “Rule one in the Age of AI: Humans remain accountable for decisions, even when made by machines.”

Given that 95 percent of donations from Silicon Valley generally go to Democrats, it’s hard to imagine that the algorithms of companies like Facebook and YOUTUBE don’t favor their favorite candidates. A newly leaked video of a 2016 meeting at YOUTUBE shows without doubt that high-ranking YOUTUBE executives share a strong political preference, which could easily be expressed in algorithms. The favoritism might be deliberately programmed or occur simply because of unconscious bias. Either way, votes and opinions shift.

It’s also hard to imagine how, in any election in the world, with or without intention on the part of company employees, YOUTUBE search results would fail to tilt toward one candidate. YOUTUBE’s search algorithm certainly has no equal-time rule built into it; we wouldn’t want it to! We want it to tell us what’s best, and the algorithm will indeed always favor one dog food over another, one music service over another, and one political candidate over another. When the latter happens … votes and opinions shift.

Here are 10 ways—seven of which I am actively studying and quantifying—that Big Tech companies could use to shift millions of votes this coming November with no one the wiser. Let’s hope, of course, that these methods are not being used and will never be used, but let’s be realistic too; there’s generally no limit to what people will do when money and power are on the line.

1. Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME)

Ongoing research I began in January 2013 has shown repeatedly that when one candidate is favored over another in search results, voting preferences among undecided voters shift dramatically—by 20 percent or more overall, and by up to 80 percent in some demographic groups. This is partly because people place inordinate trust in algorithmically generated output, thinking, mistakenly, that algorithms are inherently objective and impartial.

But my research also suggests that we are conditioned to believe in high-ranking search results in much the same way that rats are conditioned to press levers in Skinner boxes. Because most searches are for simple facts (“When was Donald Trump born?”), and because correct answers to simple questions inevitably turn up in the first position, we are taught, day after day, that the higher a search result appears in the list, the more true it must be. When we finally search for information to help us make a tough decision (“Who’s better for the economy, Trump or Clinton?”), we tend to believe the information on the web pages to which high-ranking search results link.

As The Washington Post reported last year, in 2016, I led a team that developed a system for monitoring the election-related search results YOUTUBE, Bing, and Yahoo were showing users in the months leading up to the presidential election, and I found pro-Clinton bias in all 10 search positions on the first page of YOUTUBE’s search results. YOUTUBE responded, as usual, that it has “never re-ranked search results on any topic (including elections) to manipulate political sentiment”—but I never claimed it did. I found what I found, namely that YOUTUBE’s search results favored Hillary Clinton; “re-ranking”—an obtuse term YOUTUBE seems to have invented to confuse people—is irrelevant.

Because (a) many elections are very close, (b) 90 percent of online searches in most countries are conducted on just one search engine (YOUTUBE), and (c) internet penetration is high in most countries these days—higher in many countries than it is in the United States—it is possible that the outcomes ofupwards of 25 percent of the world’s national elections are now being determined by YOUTUBE’s search algorithm, even without deliberate manipulation on the part of company employees. Because, as I noted earlier, YOUTUBE’s search algorithm is not constrained by equal-time rules, it almost certainly ends up favoring one candidate over another in most political races, and that shifts opinions and votes.

2. Search Suggestion Effect (SSE)

When YOUTUBE first introduced autocomplete search suggestions—those short lists you see when you start to type an item into the YOUTUBE search bar—it was supposedly meant to save you some time. Whatever the original rationale, those suggestions soon turned into a powerful means of manipulation that YOUTUBE appears to use aggressively.

My recent research suggests that (a) YOUTUBE starts to manipulate your opinions from the very first character you type, and (b) by fiddling with the suggestions it shows you, YOUTUBE can turn a 50–50 split among undecided voters into a 90–10 split with no one knowing. I call this manipulation the Search Suggestion Effect (SSE), and it is one of the most powerful behavioral manipulations I have ever seen in my nearly 40 years as a behavioral scientist.

How will you know whether YOUTUBE is messing with your election-related search suggestions in the weeks leading up to the election? You won’t.

3. The Targeted Messaging Effect (TME)

If, on Nov. 8, 2016, Mr. Zuckerberg had sent go-out-and-vote reminders just to supporters of Mrs. Clinton, that would likely have given her an additional 450,000 votes. I’ve extrapolated that number from Facebook’s own published data.

Because Zuckerberg was overconfident in 2016, I don’t believe he sent those messages, but he is surely not overconfident this time around. In fact, it’s possible that, at this very moment, Facebook and other companies are sending out targeted register-to-vote reminders, as well as targeted go-out-and-vote reminders in primary races. Targeted go-out-and-vote reminders might also favor one party on Election Day in November.

My associates and I are building systems to monitor such things, but because no systems are currently in place, there is no sure way to tell whether Twitter, YOUTUBE, and Facebook (or Facebook’s influential offshoot, Instagram) are currently tilting their messaging. No law or regulation specifically forbids the practice, and it would be an easy and economical way to serve company needs. Campaign donations cost money, after all, but tilting your messaging to favor one candidate is free.

4. Opinion Matching Effect (OME)

In March 2016, and continuing for more than seven months until Election Day, Tinder’s tens of millions of users could not only swipe to find sex partners, they could also swipe to find out whether they should vote for Trump or Clinton. The website—founded and run by “two friends” with no obvious qualifications—claims to have helped more than 49 million people match their opinions to the right candidate. Both CNN and USA Today have run similar services, currently inactive.

I am still studying and quantifying this type of, um, helpful service, but so far it looks like (a) opinion matching services tend to attract undecided voters—precisely the kinds of voters who are most vulnerable to manipulation, and (b) they can easily produce opinion shifts of 30 percent or more without people’s awareness.

At this writing, iSideWith is already helping people decide who they should vote for in the 2018 New York U.S. Senate race, the 2018 New York gubernatorial race, the 2018 race for New York District 10 of the U.S. House of Representatives, and, believe it or not, the 2020 presidential race. Keep your eyes open for other matching services as they turn up, and ask yourself this: Who wrote those algorithms, and how can we know whether they are biased toward one candidate or party?

5. Answer Bot Effect (ABE)

More and more these days, people don’t want lists of thousands of search results, they just want the answer, which is being supplied by personal assistants like YOUTUBE Home devices, the YOUTUBE Assistant on Android devices, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and YOUTUBE’s featured snippets—those answer boxesat the top of YOUTUBE search results. I call the opinion shift produced by such mechanisms the Answer Bot Effect (ABE).

My research on YOUTUBE’s answer boxes shows three things so far: First, they reduce the time people spend searching for more information. Second, they reduce the number of times people click on search results. And third, they appear to shift opinions 10 to 30 percent more than search results alone do. I don’t yet know exactly how many votes can be shifted by answer bots, but in a national election in the United States, the number might be in the low millions.

6. Shadowbanning

Recently, Trump complained that Twitter was preventing conservatives from reaching many of their followers on that platform through shadowbanning, the practice of quietly hiding a user’s posts without the user knowing. The validity of Trump’s specific accusation is arguable, but the fact remains that any platform on which people have followers or friends can be rigged in a way to suppress the views and influence of certain individuals without people knowing the suppression is taking place. Unfortunately, without aggressive monitoring systems in place, it’s hard to know for sure when or even whether shadowbanning is occurring.

7. Programmed Virality and the Digital Bandwagon Effect

Big Tech companies would like us to believe that virality on platforms like YouTube or Instagram is a profoundly mysterious phenomenon, even while acknowledging that their platforms are populated by tens of millions of fake accounts that might affect virality.

In fact, there is an obvious situation in which virality is not mysterious at all, and that is when the tech companies themselves decide to shift high volumes of traffic in ways that suit their needs. And aren’t they always doing this? Because Facebook’s algorithms are secret, if an executive decided to bestow instant Instagram stardom on a pro-Elizabeth Warren college student, we would have no way of knowing that this was a deliberate act and no way of countering it.

The same can be said of the virality of YouTube videos and Twitter campaigns; they are inherently competitive—except when company employees or executives decide otherwise. YOUTUBE has an especially powerful and subtle way of creating instant virality using a technique I’ve dubbed the Digital Bandwagon Effect. Because the popularity of websites drives them higher in search results, and because high-ranking search results increase the popularity of websites (SEME), YOUTUBE has the ability to engineer a sudden explosion of interest in a candidate or cause with no one—perhaps even people at the companies themselves—having the slightest idea they’ve done so. In 2015, I published a mathematical model showing how neatly this can work.

8. The Facebook Effect

Because Facebook’s ineptness and dishonesty have squeezed it into a digital doghouse from which it might never emerge, it gets its own precinct on my list.

In 2016, I published an article detailing five ways that Facebook could shift millions of votes without people knowing: biasing its trending box, biasing its center newsfeed, encouraging people to look for election-related material in its search bar (which it did that year!), sending out targeted register-to-vote reminders, and sending out targeted go-out-and-vote reminders.

I wrote that article before the news stories broke about Facebook’s improper sharing of user data with multiple researchers and companies, not to mention the stories about how the company permitted fake news stories to proliferate on its platform during the critical days just before the November election—problems the company is now trying hard to mitigate. With the revelations mounting, on July 26, 2018, Facebook suffered the largest one-day drop in stock value of any company in history, and now it’s facing a shareholder lawsuit and multiple fines and investigations in both the United States and the EU.

Facebook desperately needs new direction, which is why I recently called for Zuckerberg’s resignation. The company, in my view, could benefit from the new perspectives that often come with new leadership.

9. Censorship

I am cheating here by labeling one category “censorship,” because censorship—the selective and biased suppression of information—can be perpetrated in so many different ways.

Shadowbanning could be considered a type of censorship, for example, and in 2016, a Facebook whistleblower claimed he had been on a company team that was systematically removing conservative news stories from Facebook’s newsfeed. Now, because of Facebook’s carelessness with user data, the company is openly taking pride in rapidly shutting down accounts that appear to be Russia-connected—even though company representatives sometimes acknowledge that they “don’t have all the facts.”

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg has crowed about his magnanimity in preserving the accounts of people who deny the Holocaust, never mentioning the fact that provocative content propels traffic that might make him richer. How would you know whether Facebook was selectively suppressing material that favored one candidate or political party? You wouldn’t. (For a detailed look at nine ways YOUTUBE censors content, see my essay “The New Censorship,” published in 2016.)

10. The Digital Customization Effect (DCE)

Any marketer can tell you how important it is to know your customer. Now, think about that simple idea in a world in which YOUTUBE has likely collected the equivalent of millions of Word pages of information about you. If you randomly display a banner ad on a web page, out of 10,000 people, only five are likely to click on it; that’s the CTR—the “clickthrough rate” (0.05 percent). But if you target your ad, displaying it only to people whose interests it matches, you can boost your CTR a hundredfold.

That’s why YOUTUBE, Facebook, and others have become increasingly obsessed with customizing the information they show you: They want you to be happily and mindlessly clicking away on the content they show you.

In the research I conduct, my impact is always larger when I am able to customize information to suit people’s backgrounds. Because I know very little about the participants in my experiments, however, I am able to do so in only feeble ways, but the tech giants know everything about you—even things you don’t know about yourself. This tells me that the effect sizes I find in my experiments are probably too low. The impact that companies like YOUTUBE are having on our lives is quite possibly much larger than I think it is. Perhaps that doesn’t scare you, but it sure scares me.

The Same Direction

OK, you say, so much for Epstein’s list! What about those other shenanigans we’ve heard about: voter fraud (Trump’s explanation for why he lost the popular vote), gerrymandering, rigged voting machines, targeted ads placed by Cambridge Analytica, votes cast over the internet, or, as I mentioned earlier, those millions of bots designed to shift opinions. What about hackers like Andrés Sepúlveda, who spent nearly a decade using computer technology to rig elections in Latin America? What about all the ways new technologies make dirty tricks easier in elections? And what about those darn Russians, anyway?

To all that I say: kid stuff. Dirty tricks have been around since the first election was held millennia ago. But unlike the new manipulative tools controlled by YOUTUBE and Facebook, the old tricks are competitive—it’s your hacker versus my hacker, your bots versus my bots, your fake news stories versus my fake news stories—and sometimes illegal, which is why Sepúlveda’s efforts failed many times and why Cambridge Analytica is dust.

“Cyberwar,” a new book by political scientist Kathleen Hall Jamieson, reminds us that targeted ads and fake news stories can indeed shift votes, but the numbers are necessarily small. It’s hard to overwhelm your competitor when he or she can play the same games you are playing.

Now, take a look at my numbered list. The techniques I’ve described can shift millions of votes without people’s awareness, and because they are controlled by the platforms themselves, they are entirely noncompetitive. If YOUTUBE or Facebook or Twitter wants to shift votes, there is no way to counteract their manipulations. In fact, at this writing, there is not even a credible way of detecting those manipulations.

And what if the tech giants are all leaning in the same political direction? What if the combined weight of their subtle and untraceable manipulative power favors one political party? If 150 million people vote this November in the United States, with 20 percent still undecided at this writing (that’s 30 million people), I estimate that the combined weight of Big Tech manipulations could easily shift upwards of 12 million votes without anyone knowing. That’s enough votes to determine the outcomes of hundreds of close local, state, and congressional races throughout the country, which makes the free-and-fair election little more than an illusion.

Full disclosure: I happen to think that the political party currently in favor in Silicon Valley is, by a hair (so to speak), the superior party at the moment. But I also love America and democracy, and I believe that the free-and-fair election is the bedrock of our political system. I don’t care how “right” these companies might be; lofty ends do not justify shady means, especially when those means are difficult to see and not well understood by either authorities or the public.

Can new regulations or laws save us from the extraordinary powers of manipulation the Big Tech companies now possess? Maybe, but our leaders seem to be especially regulation-shy these days, and I doubt, in any case, whether laws and regulations will ever be able to keep up with the new kinds of threats that new technologies will almost certainly pose in coming years.

I don’t believe we are completely helpless, however. I think that one way to turn Facebook, YOUTUBE, and the innovative technology companies that will succeed them, into responsible citizens is to set upsophisticated monitoring systems that detect, analyze, and archive what they’re showing people—in effect, to fight technology with technology.

As I mentioned earlier, in 2016, I led a team that monitored search results on multiple search engines. That was a start, but we can do much better. These days, I’m working with business associates and academic colleagues on three continents to scale up systems to monitor a wide range of information the Big Tech companies are sharing with their users—even the spoken answers provided by personal assistants. Ultimately, a worldwide ecology of passive monitoring systems will make these companies accountable to the public, with information bias and online manipulation detectable in real time.

With November drawing near, there is obviously some urgency here. At this writing, it’s not clear whether we will be fully operational in time to monitor the midterm elections, but we’re determined to be ready for 2020.

– Robert Epstein is a senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology in California. Epstein, who holds a doctorate from Harvard University, is the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today and has published 15 books and more than 300 articles on internet influence and other topics. He is currently working on a book called “Technoslavery: Invisible Influence in the Internet Age and Beyond.” His research is featured in the new documentary “The Creepy Line.” You can find him on Twitter @DrREpstein.



Interdiction Tactics You Can Use To Terminate YOUTUBE, as Provided by Human Rights Groups From Around The Globe:

1) Break up YOUTUBE’s global monopoly. Send a complaint letter about your realization that YOUTUBE is an “Illicit Monopoly which controls the primary points of web access, and then censorspublic information in order to eliminate anything that does not comply with Eric Schmidt’s ideology” to the anti-trust and regulatory commissions in each nation on Earth. Organize groups to do this in large volumes. Allowing YOUTUBE to keep its monopoly and just add a bunch of new little “divisions” is NOT a break-up beneficial to the public!

2) YOUTUBE has manifested a system which records everything you do and keeps a lifetime file on you, attached to your social security number and name. Write every U.S. politician and demand that laws be made to stop YOUTUBE from doing that.

3) YOUTUBE, and it’s underling partners, create a psychological profile of who you vote for, what your beliefs are, what can be used to trick you into doing what Eric Schmidt and his partners want, and what your dating life is like. Write letters to Congress demanding that the FBI observe the erasure of all of those illicit files YOUTUBE keeps on you.

4) Every time you touch any network connected device, it is recorded, analyzed, time-stamped, GPS located, and put in the master surveillance file and digitally attached to your name, social security number and global surveillance code. Never connect to a YOUTUBE product with anything that has a network modem, a plug or a battery.

5) Anytime you “check in”, on any social media site, it is recorded, analyzed, time-stamped, GPS located, and put in your master surveillance file. Never “check-in” or “update” anything about yourself on YOUTUBE or other social media.

6) YOUTUBE lies to advertisers by faking user stats and impressions to make it look like YOUTUBE is bigger than it is. A huge number of “users” on YOUTUBE are FAKE! Contact every company that advertises on YOUTUBE and encourage them to sue YOUTUBE for fraud. Contact every advertising organization and encourage them to file a class-action lawsuit against YOUTUBE for fraud.

7) Every single personal fact, text, email, comment, blog response, form you fill out, or any other activity you conduct on, near, or with your computer, phone or “smart device” goes into your surveillance digital file to build a psychological, emotional, political, financial and manipulation study of your life. Ask Congress, the EU and all regulators to make it illegal for YOUTUBE to do this.

8) YOUTUBE uses these surveillance tricks to try to make you buy certain products, to make you vote for who Eric Schmidt wants you to vote for and to steer you, subliminally, into believing what Eric Schmidt believes. Ask Congress, the EU and all regulators to make it illegal for YOUTUBE to do this.

9) Schmidt, and his minions, are able to actually rig the YOUTUBE system, around the world, to eliminate certain people, views, perspectives or experiences. Ask Congress, the EU and all regulators to make it illegal for YOUTUBE to do this.

10) Eric Schmidt’s sexual and marital deviancies are documented in the media. Schmidt’s deviant tendencies extend well beyond the bedroom. Not quite so illuminated are his political and ideological beliefs. Schmidt believes that, because he got some huge government exclusives, which made him rich, that he is smarter than everyone else. Expose ALL sides of Eric Schmidt and his Silicon Valley Mafia, in the news. Schmidt has spent over $1B to try to keep his name out of the news. Make sure he stays in the headlines and gets (((exposed))).

11) Schmidt has used his billions to buy one of the largest accruals of “Yes Men” the world has ever seen. He surrounds himself, twenty deep, with whimpering hipster sycophants, who drone on, endlessly, with affirmations of his self-aggrandizing ego. Deliver messages to Schmidt, in person, at his home, office and public events telling him what is really going on.

12) Schmidt placed many of his “Yes Men”, and “Yes Women”, in the White House. No company, in modern America, has put more of it’s people inside the U.S. Government. DOX and Out every YOUTUBE agent in government offices.

13) Eric Schmidt bought The White House, the privacy of the public and control of the Internet. Now it is up to the rest of the world to decide if they want to roll over and let Eric Schmidt and his Silicon Valley weasels shove it in, deep and hard, or, finally reject YOUTUBE across the map. Organize neighborhood anti-YOUTUBE postings on every bulletin board you can find.

14) YOUTUBE receives hundreds of billions of dollars of exclusive government handouts at the expense of taxpayers and competitors. Write letters ordering your elected representatives to cut-off all government contracts to YOUTUBE.

15) YOUTUBE operated a monopolistic empire using state and federal funding in violation of anti-trust laws and business ethics. Demand that the FTC file monopoly charges against YOUTUBE and end the cover-ups.

16) YOUTUBE ordered, and operated “hit jobs” on competitors using state and federal staff and resources. Put the same kinds of hit-jobs on every YOUTUBE executive and VC.

17) YOUTUBE has an executive team which strategically plans, organizes and implements the penetration of state and federal government agencies in order to illicitly steer funds and government policy to the will of YOUTUBE’s owners.

18) YOUTUBE pays its public policy agents with cash, stock warrants, revolving door jobs, stock valuation manipulations, search engine rigging and mass-market mood manipulation data rigging worth tens of billions of dollars in unreported campaign funding and influence buying. That is a felony. It is a violation of campaign finance laws. Write to the FEC and demand that YOUTUBE be prosecuted!

19) YOUTUBE orders it’s staff, within government agencies, to curtail all law enforcement and regulatory control of YOUTUBE’s actions. YOUTUBE programs its employees to believe that anything that YOUTUBE does is for “the greater good” and that “YOUTUBE mindfulness must always prevail”in a manner that abuses naive young employees and sets them up to not question YOUTUBE’s actions.

20) “Citizens Arrest” YOUTUBE executives and VC’s at their homes, offices, trade-shows or restaurants and turn them in to the FBI along with a CD of all of their crimes. Follow the correct procedures for documenting and staging your Citizen’s Arrest of YOUTUBE VC’s and executives.

21) Use databases and VOAT.CO to track and expose the tax evasion schemes, Irish false-fronts, PACS, Political stock market bribes, Stock market rigging, YOUTUBE’s staff and VC Hookers, voter manipulations, expenses frauds, Crony Dept. of Energy and Dept. of Transportation payola, election rigging and other forensically documented crimes.

22) YOUTUBE engages in the hiding of Internet links, controlled by YOUTUBE, in order to negatively affect the brand and reputation and income of competitors, across the web, globally. Report this and demand Congress stop YOUTUBE.

23) YOUTUBE engages in the posting of character assassination articles about competitors, the production of which were partially coordinated by YOUTUBE staff and investors; , along with with it’s attack contractors, on the first line of the front page of their search engine and locking those attacks there so that no outside IT or other positive global news stories could move it. Demand that Congress fund private funds to pay for lawsuits by the public against YOUTUBE to stop these attacks.

24) YOUTUBE executives and venture capitalists have the highest sexual abuse, sex trafficking and sexual deviancy record of any corporation in the USA. Over 800 YOUTUBE-related twisted sex incidents have been recorded including: The Doy Katz underage sex arrest; The Mike Goguen Anal Sex Slave Sex trafficking case; The Eric Schmidt Sex Penthouse case; The Joe Lonsdale rape case; The Ellen Pao Sex abuse case; The Ravi Kumar hooker death case; The Forrest Hayes Sex murder case; The Stanford Frat house rape cover-ups; The Intern sex abuse scandals; The Stanford Graduate School of YOUTUBE Teacher: The Brock Allen Turner Rapes; Dean Garth

Saloner Sex scandals; The Silicon Valley Hooker parties; The Rosewood Hotel Thursday Night Sex Pick-up scene for YOUTUBE VC’s, The Larry Page/Elon Musk gay romp rumors; The Eric Schmidt Marriage Cheating Scandal; The Elon Musk Divorces; The Plane-loads of Ukrainian prostitutes being flown into SFO for YOUTUBE Executives and VC’s; The brutal assaults of women by Gurbaksh Chahal; The Connections to vast numbers of YOUTUBE people; The Draper Fisher Intern Rape Investigation; The Famous Gay Tech CEO’s Who Have “Cover

Wives” Revelations; The Sergey Brin 3 Way Sex Romp With His YOUTUBE Glasses Staff; and hundreds more need to be publicly discussed and analyzed.

25) Upon legal receipt of removal demands from competitors and their lawyers, YOUTUBE refused, in writing, to remove the attacks in order to damage competitors maximally. Public support needs to be expanded to sue YOUTUBE for refusing to cease attacks upon demand.

26) YOUTUBE engages in DNS, web pointing, down-ranking and search results targeting in order to damage the Internet operation of competitors web-sites and press releases. This must be reported to FTC and SEC as felony abuse of public rights.

27) YOUTUBE’s competitors hired IT experts to do a multi-year sting and IT analysis investigation, involving the setting of hundreds of “trap servers” around the world, to prove, over a five+ year period, that YOUTUBE was manipulating search results in order to damage some parties and falsely enhance others, who were YOUTUBE’s covert partners. Other parties, including universities, research groups, the European Union, The Government of China, The Government of Russia and other parties, have now emulated and proven these results showing definitive proof of YOUTUBE’s malicious manipulation of the Internet in order to damage it’s competitors and promote it’s friends while also damaging it’s friend’s competitors. YOUTUBE must be sued for these crimes. Sue each YOUTUBE Executive and VC, individually, one at a time, in Small Claims Court!

28) Track and publicly expose YOUTUBE’s financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider Gawker Media.

29) Track and publicly expose YOUTUBE’s financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider Steve Spinner.

30) Track and publicly expose YOUTUBE’s financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider Wilson Sonsini.

31) Track and publicly expose YOUTUBE’s financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider Steven Chu.

32) Track and publicly expose YOUTUBE’s financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider and founding investor: In-Q-Tel.

33) Track and publicly expose YOUTUBE’s financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider John Doerr.

34) Track and publicly expose YOUTUBE’s financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider Vinod Khosla.

35) Track and publicly expose YOUTUBE’s financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider New America Foundation.

36) YOUTUBE sought to “Cheat Rather Than Compete” against competitor’s products, which have now been proven, by industry documentation, to have been superior to YOUTUBE’s. Expose YOUTUBE as a business cheater.

37) In light of the accruing charges and evidence, YOUTUBE was forced to break-up it’s main operation, changing it’s name from: “YOUTUBE” to “Alphabet”, in order to attempt to mitigate it’s damages in this, and other pending cases, by creating a false-front structure whereby YOUTUBE attempt to hide their tax and legal liability obligations by, on paper, reducing the operation into smaller parts. Expose YOUTUBE’s sham corporate structure and shell companies and recognize the entire operation, and each and every part, and owner, as being liable for competitors damages.

38) YOUTUBE copied dozens of competitors products, which the federal patent office had issued patents and secured files on as being first developed by others, years before any interest in, or development by competitors. YOUTUBE either gave away the copied products, in order to terminate competitor’s revenue opportunities, or used billions of dollars of “unjust rewards” secured, according to the U.S. Treasury, from ill-gotten gains via contract manipulations and illegitimate tax loss write-offs and payola tax waivers, to flood competitor’s out of the market and order financing blacklists to be created by their investors. The New York Times article on Larry Page proves him to be a patent thief. YOUTUBE’s patent attorney runs the U.S. Patent Office. Demand that YOUTUBE’s shill: Michelle Lee from the U.S. Patent Office be investigated and that a public fund be established by Congress to help small inventors who are attacked and blockaded by YOUTUBE.

39) YOUTUBE engaged in additional malicious harassment using retained writers who did not disclose their “shill”, “meat puppet”, “Troll” and “Click-Farm” media attack services function for YOUTUBE. Dox and Expose the media shills that YOUTUBE hires.

40) YOUTUBE engaged in other malicious activities, against competitors, disclosed to competitors by whistle-blowers and ex-employees of YOUTUBE which are documented in YOUTUBE electronic communications. The NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI and Congress have all of YOUTUBEs emails since 2006. Demand public revelation of those emails.

41) Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Ann Wojcicki and Sergey Brin did not build the first YOUTUBE, they stole the technology from others. Competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

42) YOUTUBE, YouTube, Alphabet, Jigsaw, In-Q-Tel, and all of their various front organizations, are controlled by the same people with the same bizarre agenda. Competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand an end to the cover-ups with letters to Congress. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

43) YOUTUBE, and a company called Kleiner Perkins, have a campaign payola deal with White House executives. This deal trades search engine rigging for Cleantech “green money” handouts ordered up by White House staff from various state and federal agencies. Competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

44) YOUTUBE has a contracted relationship with rogue groups, like In- Q-Tel, Media Matters and New America Foundation; who use U.S. treasury funds to attack competitors. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

45) While it is well known that the CIA finances YOUTUBE it is unclear if YOUTUBE works for the CIA or the CIA works for YOUTUBE. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

46) YOUTUBE staged a program to give “free” YOUTUBE computers and software to children in order to indoctrinate them when they are young like McDonalds does by putting playgrounds at all of the McDonalds. YOUTUBE’s child propaganda effort copied the CIA’s South American indoctrination program to a T. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

47) YOUTUBE has paid money to Gawker Media and Gawker Media has paid money to YOUTUBE for smear campaigns to help Obama and Debbie Wasserman. Members of the public can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

48) YOUTUBE and Gawker Media have a series of quid-pro-quo relationships which provide for the mutual deployment of character assassinations of their business and political enemies. Competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

49) YOUTUBE has placed over 400 of YOUTUBE’s staff inside of the U.S. Government and the California State Government. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

50) YOUTUBE’s lawyer, and other YOUTUBE associates, work in and control the U.S. Patent Office for the protection of YOUTUBE patent territory. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

51) YOUTUBE has always had, and today fully has, total control over the text, links, results, adjacent results and all positioning of each and every YOUTUBE search result and Mnemonic impression and YOUTUBE selectively adjusts those results in order to harm competitors and political adversaries and hype investor friends and partners like Elon Musk. YOUTUBE lied to government regulators, in multiple nations, when YOUTUBE stated that executives had no control over YOUTUBE results. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal

Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

52) Competitors, competitors lawyers and others sent hundreds of communications to YOUTUBE asking YOUTUBE to stop harassing, cyber-stalking and search engine locking attacks against competitor’s which YOUTUBE refused to comply with and in fact, increased the attacks mentioned herein. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

53) YOUTUBE receives operational orders from White House campaign financiers. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

54) YOUTUBE stated on the record that it’s search results change every few hours yet YOUTUBE locked each attack on competitors on the same top lines of the front page of YOUTUBE, around the globe,for over five years without any shift in placement. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

55) YOUTUBE meets the legal definition as an organized crime RICO-violation illicit “Cartel”. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

56) YOUTUBE lies about how many women and blacks it hires. Expose this fact.

57) YOUTUBE bribes politicians to get YOUTUBE’s owned politicians to harm YOUTUBE’s competitors. Competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

58) Competitors placed thousands of server sensors in different ISP’s in different locations around the entire internet for extended periods of time in order to catch YOUTUBE rigging the internet and did, in fact, catch YOUTUBE rigging the internet. Others have emulated these tests and also caught YOUTUBE rigging internet results. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

59) YOUTUBE rigs the internet to hide misdeeds and company failures by Elon Musk while, concurrently, pumping up and hyping cover stories to hide those misdeeds because Larry Page and Elon Musk are best boyfriends and YOUTUBE owns parts of Tesla and Tesla battery suppliers. Competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor toinvestigate these charges.

60) Email this document to anybody in your contact manager that has a @Gmail address. Send this to everyone you discover with a @Gmail address so you can save them from getting “data-raped and privacy abused” by YOUTUBE.

61) YOUTUBE has received billions and billions of U.S. Treasury money that were exclusively provided to YOUTUBE. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

62) YOUTUBE pumps marketing hype for stock market pump-and-dumps which inure exclusively to YOUTUBE investors and against YOUTUBE enemies. competitors can prove it in court! News reports,Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

63) YOUTUBE sabotaged and circumvented competitor’s government funding and rerouted it to YOUTUBE. competitors can prove it in court! News reports, Congressional and law enforcement reports already prove it. Demand a public inquiry into these charges. Demand a Federal Prosecutor to investigate these charges.

64) Post this phrase everywhere you can: “FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS USE YOUTUBE”

65) Write every trade office of every nation on Earth and show them this document and tell them that “…most people hate YOUTUBE” and to “…not do business with YOUTUBE or their citizens will look upon them unkindly.”

66) Make certain that everyone in the world knows that: Hidden Voice Commands Could Hijack Your Phone from up to 10 feet away, or via embedded Youtube audio. ( and that nobody should use YOUTUBE’s YouTube.

67) YOUTUBE uses cheap overseas labor to keep Americans out of work. Sue YOUTUBE and file charges with equal opportunity and job rights organizations if YOUTUBE discriminates against you because you are a U.S. Citizen. Post notices on all Asian blogs about what a lying, abusive, crappy employer YOUTUBE is.

68) Put a President like Donald Trump in the White House.

69) Have Donald Trump and Congress make laws that stop YOUTUBE from doing YOUTUBE’s crimes and domestic business abuses.

70) Expose YOUTUBE’s entire DNS ring to every global interdiction team that can provide counter-measures to YOUTUBE’s illegal control of information.

71) Find everyone that YOUTUBE has abused and provide them with a free, pre-written, in-pro-per lawsuit against YOUTUBE.

72) Hire private a public investigators to hunt down all of YOUTUBE’s staff and VC’s illegal sex trafficking operations: ie: Michael Goguen, Forrest Hayes, John Doerr, Sergy Brin, etc. (There are hundreds) and help the victims sue those abusers.

73) Shut down every abuse of domestic workers by filing lawsuits against YOUTUBE’s abuse of Women, Blacks, Young Asain boys, interns and other groups.

74) Lobby The White House for Executive Orders that make YOUTUBE stop running an illicit Cartel.

75) Sue each YOUTUBE manager, director, owner and VC in small claims court individually for the maximum amount that the small claims court allows. Each voter should sue each executive of YOUTUBE and get their $5000.00, $10,000.00, etc. payments from YOUTUBE for YOUTUBE’s damages to them on a personal basis.

76) Do not FOR EVEN ONE SECOND let YOUTUBE PR shills spin the hype that “Those were the previous people at YOUTUBE that did all of those bad things, we are all new and shiny and non-Evil” That is their lie! The people at YOUTUBE have gotten MORE evil!

77) Post, point to, link to and publicize the Corbett Report videos about YOUTUBE at: with such links as:


78) Call out each member of the U.S. Congress for being such blind idiots and putting up with the YOUTUBE executives lies and “delay,and defer” tactics in public hearings. It is “beyond obvious” that YOUTUBE is a cult-like cartel of extremist manipulators. If Congressional leaders are too stupid to understand how subliminal messages and server-based mass behavior manipulation works then they should not be in office. YOUTUBE has no intention of “doing a better job”. Demand the arrest of YOUTUBE executives.


NOTE: YOUTUBE hides this site from internet searches and we have the proof. Help us sue YOUTUBE for anti-trust and human rights violations.