The Executioners Playbook: How Lobbyist/Operatives Shut Down Community Efforts

The Executioners Playbook: How Lobbyist/Operatives Shut Down Community Efforts

From the benign to the insidious, this story will examine how special interest lobby/operatives can create “federal guidelines” and “new legislation” which only benefits them and hurts regular folk and how they keep your community from fighting back.

From Fracking, to campaign funding to clean-up sites to contract orders, the heat is on.

Here is one guide from a community fighting a Fracker incursion-

“The pro-Fracking lobbyists will engage in the following to try to terminate your
efforts, you will need to engage in the following to counter them:

1. They will increase their “goodwill” ads on tv and radio in the area. You must then
triple your efforts to report and expose any criminal behavior they engage in.

2. They will place their agents, acting as helpful neighbors, into your public
neighborhood meetings to cause disruption, slow progress, fraction focus, delay efforts, make statements that cause the others to question their actions. Check ID for each organizing member

3. They will have fake bloggers put counter comments or questioning comments on your Twitter, Facebook or blog sites. Don’t allow comment sections on your campaign sites.

4. They will send out massive amounts of manipulated documents, written by their agents, which are designed to make you think there is confusion in the scientifc consensus or cause you to question the circumstances by implied lack of clarity on the issue, when, in fact, there is actually total clarity. Get more experts of your own and have them ready.

5. They will try to reduce your fundraising options by sabotaging your sources. Make sure your sources know that sabotage is coming and how to recognize it.

6. They will announce a program to create a fix to the solution which is really ONLY an announcement and a smoke-screen for total inaction. Know the financial sources of all online shills, writers and “experts” writing against your community.

7. Know everyone in your group. Shills who work for the opposition will be pointed out by your community. You WILL have at least one lobbyist spy in your group if you get any traction.

8. Build numbers of participants so that every politician will know their job, their
staff’s job and their agenda is at risk if they do not listen to and respond to you.

9. A large number of supervisors, Air District members, “investigators” and other
politicians are owned by your opposition. They have had their campaigns, insurance, sports tickets, meals, rent and other perks paid for by your opposition. They have been promised big ticket jobs with the opposition after they leave their public posts. Do not trust them unless every other community service group in the area vouches for them. DO contact EVERY other community service group in the area to check them out. There are even fake community service groups where the leaders are in the pay of your opposition. Know all of the connections.

10. Start at the top and work your way down, Arrange a conference call or meeting with the Governor and at least 8 of your team. The goal of the call must be only two things:

1. “Do you know about this?”

2. “Will you file a criminal action if we prove to you we have enough voters backing a call-to-action?”

Most any other discussion in the call will be of little value and while it may make people feel like they are playing in “big politics”, the politician and his aids will just be rolling their eyes on the other side of the phone and thinking: “they don’t know how such things really work”. Keep the call short and sweet. Then call the Attorney General and do the same thing. Then the next in command and go through the top 20 political executives in the state.If any of them give you a commitment about anything on the phone, send out a statewide press release on about it.

Your opposition will be having the same set of calls right after you to counter you.
Do not have an “all the politicians on one call” phone call. You will not get anything
done. Target one politician and one promise per call.

You do not want them to “engage in a study”. That is a brush-off. The studies have all been done many times over.

If you find a crime, CALL THE COPS: City, State AND Federal. Tell the media you called the cops. Send out a press release about the fact that you called the cops. Don’t smash things and break the law. The opposition has hired hooligans that they hire to smash things and make us look bad. Help catch the hooligans and turn them in. Everybody in an assembly should have their video camera running the whole time.

11. Your opposition spends tens of millions of dollars buying ads in the local TV, Radio and Newspapers so they own those Radio, TV and Newspapers. The owners of those media outlets do not want to write or broadcast anything bad about your opposition or your opposition will cut off their ad budget. Know that they are owned and call them on it.

12. Buy your own media. Your campaign will have no impact with the public, the media or the politicians unless you have bought at least $10,000.00 of internet ads pointing to your website, at least 5 display ads in local newspapers and posted at least 100 blog articles online in prominent locations. Buy as much of these as you can possibly afford. Your ad buys will make 99% of the difference between a winning campaign and a failed naive, waste-of-time, campaign. Regionalize your ads until you hit your 255,000 person, or so, goal and then re-aim your ads nationwide.

13. The agencies you think are supposed to help you have had tens, to hundreds, of millions of dollars of lobbyists manipulating them for over two decades, so do not
expect much help from them. You have to do this yourself.

14. Get every well known movie star, writer, poet, musician or other celebrity in your area to give you a permission letter to use their picture and an exact quote from them under their picture to promote your campaign.

15. Put an ad in the school newspaper at every high school and college in the area
asking for Facebook “Likes” and volunteers. You will be amazed to see how many
volunteers will help you from those schools. Your opposition gives money to many of the campus organizations in your area and their lobbyists tell the administrators of those schools that they won’t get a new gym or new library if the “students are allowed to cause trouble for them”… watch for this.

16. The opposition knows this list and is already trying to mess things up before you get to each step on this list. Move fast.

17. Build your Facebook page and website and launch them before you announce what you are doing. Spend a week tuning them up once you launch them. Have an automated manner to organize in case thousands of people start signing up and writing you. Send 200 emails to each of your core team members in one 10 minute period. If any one of you can’t send 200 emails to each of your staff and RESPOND to 200 hundred emails within 10 minutes

THEN YOU ARE NOT READY. There are hundreds of Automated systems like, etc.. to handle this. You need an account set up and launched on one of them the same day you launch your Facebook page and/or website. How are you going to handle 200,000 communications if you can’t handle 200? Automate, and have a sign up link to your automated email system on everything you publish. Control your passwords to these online accounts. They WILL get hijacked at some point.

18. Set up a account. Use it everyday.

19. Have 4 spokespeople who are well trained media savvy people Like Sean Penn, The head of a PR Agency, etc.

20. When the opposition encounters scientific studies, their gameplan is to flood the media with thid party bloggers, shill writers, owned-politicians, owned news-casters and others who seek to message: “Nobody is really sure about that. This is important data but studies need to be conducted. We will even fund those studies” The “studies” will take 5 to 10 years. They are simply delay tactics to push the issue off to the next generation. Do not buy it.

21. Carefully control the passwords and login information to all of your online
accounts. They WILL get hijacked at some point. Have a password crisis plan at the
ready. EVERYTHING you store electronic info on at work or home WILL ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY BE HACKED!

22. It is fine to use Pseudonyms for some online efforts to protect your resources.

23. Stay focused. Do you not expand your cause or let other groups add their cause to yours. That is how the “Occupy” activities failed, or were made to fail.

24. Include every age group, race, gender and income level that can help.

25. Do not hire a “Campaign Company”. Many of them have mixed allegiances and they will not work as hard as you will. You will be able to afford at least four times more doing it yourself.

26. If your campaign works you will then have enough clout to run for, or put a Senator, Congressman, Mayor or Supervisor or two in office.

27. Buy your own testing equipment and get University students to go around and do tests. The equipment is now very affordable.

28. Do not allow any of your members to have private meetings with anyone associated with the opposition. Require all meetings to be live-broadcast on

29. Create a central public repository of data on and

30. On your automated email list service have a PUBLIC list, A PRESS List and a SPONSOR

List. Use your press list to send our press releases as well as

32. Back-up all of your files and records every Friday.

33. Do not have any meetings without a WRITTEN agenda being sent to all attendees at least 3 days in advance. Follow your agenda. People will quit your group in droves if your meetings run beyond the allotted time or are unfocused or slack. “Talking Sticks” still work great.

34. If you do all these things, in a very organized manner, in a passionate way: You
will win!”

Thanks to VA United


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