By Audrey Constance



In The Intercept’s notorious article about how Google bought the Obama White House and planted all of Google’s staff in the Department of Energy, Patent Office and The White House itself, shockers were revealed. Take a look at the original article at this link:



In a number of other investigative articles, by many credible sources, it was revealed that Google had taken over part of the operations of the U.S. Government in order to steer government cash and policy decisions to Google.



Many researchers are now hunting down those Google-shills in California State and U.S. Federal offices and reporting them for interdiction.



Researchers, reporters, citizen journalists and others are using Linkedin, Facebook, the Office of Personnel Management, and other records to track them and report them to Trump’s strategy guy: Bannon, and the Transition team of the President-Elect.



The Google plants, shills and ex-employees Coup D’Etat contractors and staff that Google planted in the U.S. Government are almost now completed identified. Looks like every single one is getting fired.



We heard that Google won’t even be able to operate as a company within 38 months. Apparently corruption does NOT pay!



If you know a Google, Report A Google”




p style=”margin-bottom:0;font-weight:normal;line-height:100%;”>Washington, DC insiders are being asked to send lists of Google front people, that got themselves embedded in government offices in order to manipulate cash to Google, to report them to the Trump Transition office in New York City.


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