How Fisker and Tesla backers killed the new American auto industry on purpose.

Caller reporters are now saying:
“Nobody starts car companies. It just isn’t done. Detroit has a perfect track record of killing off any company that tries it. But this time Detroit let the backers of Fisker and Tesla do the killing off.

Now that Tesla and Fisker backers and founders are caught, their hired blogger shills have been told to say that the “Oceans-11” DOE insiders “tightened up” after Tesla and Fisker but that proves that DOE staff knew that Tesla and Fisker were no-good, scammed-up applicants from the beginning and that “tightening up” means cutting off all competing small company applicants per orders from Tesla and Fisker backers.

The “tightening up” has now been proven to NOT have taken place AFTER Tesla and Fisker but CONNCURRENT with Solyndra, Tesla and Fisker. Evidence has proven that Tesla and Fisker got red-carpet treatment while, at the SAME EXACT TIME, all independent company applicants got massively different paperwork, intentionally delayed responses, changed review results, faked review results, no staff meetings, no help, no support, and none of the special treatment that Fisker and Tesla got.

When the LG and ATVM programs were put in place, a significant group of new car companies were able to get funded for the first time in history since Detroit was inaugurated. When Detroit realized this, they wanted the ATVM and LG programs shut down. They only needed to incentivize Tesla and Fisker backers to do the job for them.

Companies with proven, job-creating, problem-solving car engineering launched or expanded based on Washington assertions that they had a fair chance of receiving that funding. Alas, Tesla and Fisker’s backers rigged the program to let themselves in and then slam the door on all other applicants to stop competitors they likely would not be able to compete with in a fair fight. There was no “tightening up” because every applicant has now reported that they were intentionally jog-jammed, intimidated, ignored and gauntlet-run in a manner designed not to “tighten” but to “terminate”.