“CARGATE”- Here is what investigators now think happened:

“CARGATE”- Here is what investigators now think happened:

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GM, Ford & Chrysler were about to go out of business and so they cooked up a scheme to create a federal handout program called the ATVM, modeled after the LG program which the nuclear industry had cooked up which was modeled after the petroleum industry give-aways, all run through the DOE.

In order to sell the scheme to the public, their lobbyists said they should say the
money would be “used for electric cars to save the environment” in order to sell the
taxpayer cash handout via “feelgood PR”. Senator Bingaman, and his staff, saw the scam for what it was and added a few clauses to the bill so that any American car company could also have access to the funds, aside from only Detroit.

When the Detroit Big 3 realized that, for the first time, the door had been opened for other competing car companies, who actually intended to build electric cars, to
get funded, Detroit tried to crash the fund over the Christmas holidays but Tesla’s
Senator (Feinstein) pulled it back at the last minute on orders from Tesla.

David Axelrod, Steve Rattner, Robert Gibbs and Rahm Emanual (“The Hill 4”) then made a deal with the UAW and associated unions to keep the funds, plus get TARP money, headed to Detroit in exchange for national union support of DNC candidates and the presidency.

The Hill 4 still wanted more money so they went to Kleiner Perkins, Draper Fisher and a their associated cluster of Silicon Valley VC’s. They said: “look we will give you the exclusive on the electric car market and the lithium chemicals and factories for the batteries for those cars if you pay campaign expenses”. The VC’s said “Sure”. The Hill 4 already had them over a barrel because they already had all of the VC’s taking millions in fees, from other funds, for having their dot.coms provide spy services.

The Hill 4 and the VC’s agreed to kill off all other applicants except those in the VC’s personal investment portfolios. Indeed, history has shown, that is exactly what happened. Tens of billions of dollars that could, by law, only be used for other domestic electric car start-ups was hidden away forever from them, even though Detroit, themselves never even used the rest of the cash because they started to get found out.

Trillions of dollars of lithium was in Afghanistan and Goldman Sachs, who was involved in every one of the ATVM and LG deals, encouraged invasion of Afghanistan in order to scrape up that easy lithium for the VC’s to exploit. This dragged in some Russian mining mobsters who added additional taint to the deal. Alas, lithium turned out to be dangerous and unamanageable material when used for energy storage and has caused a vast number of fires and explosions in cars, planes, homes and consumer devices. Notice that the Hill 4 all skipped out of their jobs as soon as people started figuring this out…

The GAO, the Senate ethics committee, over 42 citizen law groups, over 1000
investigative reporters and the very staff of all of these entities all said each of
these things happened. A special prosecutor and a special grand jury needs to
prosecute but certain parties are doing everything possible to prevent a special
prosecutor and a special grand jury from moving forward. This was a RICO organized crime effort. Why are RICO prosecutors being told not to prosecute? Is it time for the public to start filing their own RICO lawsuits?

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